About Colleen Dupont

Who is Colleen?  I am a catalyst.  People come to me when they are ready for some change in their  lives.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of change they are looking for.  I have a way of interacting with people that allows them to bring what is hidden from their view to emerge.

I am NOT a psychologist or therapist.  I am NOT someone who will tell you what to do.  I am an active listener who is skilled at asking questions that bring you closer to your own truth.

Like many others, I am an avid people watcher.  Unlike many others, I watch with more curiosity and compassion than judgement.  People often tell me that I am gifted at cutting through fluff and distractions to get to the heart of the matter.  That I have a way of articulating their seemingly random thoughts in a concise way.

The interactive method I have designed is based on the belief that you are the best expert on you. It is my job to to give you clarity and confidence in that.

Often, we get so caught up in daily living and striving that we loose track with what matters to us most.  We start looking to the outside world to know if we are on track.  We base our views of happiness and success on what the world expects.  My work with you brings those measuring sticks back home.

My own story goes like this.  I was born 5th out of six children with a large extended family.  Though I am very introverted, I learned early on how to adapt to a gregarious and social world.  In fact, I thought I was very outgoing.  It took a long time to realize that hiding out in the kitchen at parties wasn’t a sign of servitude and low esteem.  It wasn’t anti-social.  I was retreating from what occurred to me as over stimulation.

I am a very strong woman who craves tenderness and privacy.  Thankfully, my husband appreciates that.  Partners in business, life and parenting, we have walked the tightrope of finding balance.  In being both aggressive and nurturing.  Finding a place for reverence and silly humor.  In applying tough love and tolerance.  And managing rapid growth with firm stability.

With an external sense of self, you will always be a slave to the opinions of others.

For much of my life, I couldn’t tell where I ended and others began.  I was daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, associate, client, colleague and so on.  I liked what they liked.  Ate what they ate.  Watched what they watched.  Valued what they valued.  And found myself questioning, who am I without them?  The question sounded selfish to my ears.  I don’t want to be without them.  I love them.  But deep inside, I knew that the person they loved was slipping away.  I knew that unless I could find answers about myself, our relationships wound be reduced to a series of roles and circumstances.  I want more.  I want to know them and to be fully known.  I want relationships that are intimate and meaningful.  I want to know myself as someone at the source of success defined by things that matter to me.  Unless I bring myself to the table, those relationships are not possible.  And so the quest began.

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